About us

Discover everything about Bief & Burgers. Meat, vegetarian, or allergies? We got you covered.

What we offer?

Bief & Burgers is a trendy establishment with an extensive menu. Our slogan is “You can’t beat our meat.” As this slogan suggests, we are best known for our delicious meat and juicy hamburgers, all prepared on our Josper Grill. This gives the meat a unique smoky flavor. 

No meat lover?

Don't eat meat? We also have various alternatives. For instance, we offer a vegetarian salad and a homemade vegetarian burger made from rice, beans, and various vegetables. Essentially, you can order any burger on the menu as a vegetarian option.

Allergies and Allergens

If you have an allergy, this is certainly not a problem. We always have several allergen menus available that precisely indicate which allergens are present in which dishes. Gluten-free bread is also always available. Bief & Burgers guarantees an unforgettable evening filled with delicious food for everyone! 


Our meat is delivered daily by Butchery Fontijn, a renowned name in Amsterdam and its surroundings since 1890.


Al onze burgers worden geserveerd op een sesam brioche bol en zijn gemaakt van 100% Angus beef. De runderburgers zijn ook verkrijgbaar in een XL variant (maar liefst 250 gram)

Something to celebrate?

Bief & Burgers is the perfect venue for dinners or events. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities. Additionally, we offer gift vouchers, available for any amount.